About Us

Omo is the most playful word you’ll find yourself saying. You can’t help but giddily smile when you say it. Playfulness, in my opinion, is the most critical to our health. Do you recall your epic adventures as a child? The gleeful joy in exploring the world around you. Back then, your insatiable curiosity encourages you to seek endless adventure wherever possible. In the nearby park, you find yourself in a jungle seated deep in the Amazon forest. Then, the play structure turns into a futuristic space station orbiting our small blue planet. At the same time, the sandbox transformed itself into an oasis filled with life in the otherwise desolate Sahara Desert. These are the primal moments that are part of us at a very young age. Never to be taken away by anyone or anything. To me, these moments are “omo.”

In Japanese, “omo” means primary, principal, or essential. It is our belief that childlike curiosity and creativity enable us to be mindful of the world around us. And yet, we lose touch with this precious ability. We get caught up in the day to day motions of growing up and growing old. We wake up every morning, starting with a warm cup of coffee to lift our spirits. We hope the caffeine carries us out for the remainder of our day. We tolerate our inevitable commute to and from work as it saps our limited time. Sometimes we feel a coin is flipped. On one side, we may be productive and get all our to-dos done, on the other not so much. In the end, we shut out the playful, carefree attitude that’s within us. It doesn’t have to be that way.

So what’s with the mushroom connection? I took to a fungus fair near the cloudy San Francisco area. There, I discovered it was a close-knit community of people obsessed with fungus. They can easily convince you of mushrooms solving all of our ailments. Their fascination was immeasurable. No problem extending from our own planet to our own bodies was unsolvable with the assistance of mushrooms. The most fascinating part of their stories? They all shared the same humble introduction to mycology. No, it wasn’t at the local supermarket where these folks met their fungi friends. They discovered them on merry forages with their friends and families. The woods were host to these wondrous adventures where food and medicine were plentiful in the form of mushrooms. Their omo moment was like those I mentioned.

At Omo, like many of our competitors, we do all the hard work for you so you can benefit from these natural supplements. We pride ourselves in providing you the best supplements with our state of the art extraction process. We rigorously test so that our mushrooms are useful. And most importantly, we do so by delivering a simple message none of the other brands are spreading. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and seek your omo moments of clarity and peace of mind.

I hope you can find the same benefits I have with our mushrooms. May you continue to thrive in your journey.

Luis Meraz
Mush-fun Officer

Luis Meraz Mush-fun Officer